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ASTRONOMY ON TAP CHICAGO -- "A Survival Guide to the Galaxy" at HALF ACRE's TAPROOM

Chicago, IL

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Astronomy on Tap Chicago Presents: A Survival Guide to the Galaxy

Join Astronomy on Tap Chicago for an evening of space and beer at Half Acre's taproom.

Unlock the secrets of the lives and deaths of stars including our Sun, explore the possibilities of life in our Solar system, and plan for a potential collision with Mercury! Test your spacey knowledge with three rounds of trivia in the hopes of winning prizes including Half Acre gift cards and Astronomy on Tap pint glasses!  

A $10 ticket gains you entry and a pint of beer. $10 large nacho specials all night.
Doors open at 6:00 PM, program begins at 6:30 PM.

Speakers Info:

Katie Breivik: Graduate student at Northwestern
Title: The Lives and Deaths of Stars

From slow beginnings to catastrophic ends, the stars in our galaxy lead vastly different lives. The most massive ones die quickly in energetic supernovae explosions, while stars like our Sun take their time to enjoy the Cosmos. I will talk about what leads to different outcomes of a stars life and what that means for planets potentially orbiting nearby. Ill also explain how we can use the remnants of stars to understand the full cycle of how they are born, evolve, and eventually die.

Sam Hadden: Graduate student at Northwestern
Title: Stability of the Solar System, Or: How Mercury or Venus Could Wipe Out Civilization In a Few Billion Years, Supposing It Survives the Next Four

The question of the stability of the solar system, that is, whether all the planets stay put for eternity or not, has a long history.  Despite attracting attention from some of historys greatest (and mostly French) scientists, it remained an open question for hundreds of years.  It was only solved in the early 1990s, when computers capable of simulating the solar system over billions of years became available, leading to some surprising (and potentially deadly) results! We now know that over millions and billions of years, the solar system can exhibit unpredictable behavior. This can even include Mercury getting booted out of the Solar System or smacking into Earth. Ill talk about some of the history of this longstanding question as well as the possible future evolution of our solar system.

Rachel Worth: PhD from Penn State University
Title: Lithopanspermia: Could Life Move Between Planets in our Solar System?

When very large asteroids hit a planet (think the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs), they can send some material from the surface flying back out into space. If the planet was inhabited, microorganisms could hitch along for the ride. If those organisms are tough enough to survive the extreme conditions along the way, they could eventually land on another planet and seed new life there. I will talk about my research into simulating what happens to material that leaves our planet, and where in our Solar System life may have been transferred to.

  Half Acre Beer Company Tap Room
4257 N Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
United States

Début : Lundi 20 Mar 2017 18:00
Fin : Lundi 20 Mar 2017 22:00


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